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Renter of workspaces and storage

Better than a warehouse, POLE BOX offers tailor-made solutions to all your storage and / or work problems.

Secure and private storage box

- Our premises are fully under video surveillance 24/24, and equipped with alarm.
- A guardian watches over the center

Accessible box 7 days a week

With your badge, access your box whenever you want.

All inclusive

Modular and commitment contract

Additional services

- Domiciliation
- Rental offices, meeting rooms
- Receipt and shipment of goods

Beyond a storage cabinet and a self storage center, POLE BOX offers additional advice and services to simplify your life and achieve your goals.

Receipt / shipment of goods
Provision of a commercial vehicle and / or a trailer with driver
Assistance with the move (personalized study and advice, search for service providers, quote study, partner services)
Storage service
Sale of cartons and packaging
Available unloading equipment
Rental of workspace (individual or shared offices, meeting room ...)

Our storage solutions in single boxes or mini secure warehouses from 1 to 500 m², adapt to all your needs

Seasonal storage

Rent a box for the summer. Rent a box for the winter

The high season is coming, and you do not have enough room to store your goods? Do not panic, Pole Box is here to help you find an extra room, seine and secure accessible 7/7

Individual BOX rental available 7 days a week.

A TPE (or SME) or craftsman needs modularity and flexibility to cope with changes that can quickly jeopardize its business. With Pole Box, you only pay for the individual box storage space you need and for the time that you really need. We adapt to your constraints.

Individual BOX rental from 1 to 500 m2.

The law requires any company to keep its records for years. What to do when there is not enough space? Outsource the storage of its archives!
We take care of the move and storage of your archives in your box. You can access it freely and free of charge 7 days a week. Your box is individual, and secure because you are the only one to have the key. Thus, the confidentiality of your archives is guaranteed. A Pole Box advisor travels for free to carry out a no-cost, no-obligation study to provide you with the space best suited to your needs and your budget.

Rent of BOX individual done up.

Office move

You do not have enough space in your showroom to present all your products? Want more space to install new employees? You want to reduce your area to save money? Whatever the reason, you can quietly consider moving your premises: Pole Box adapts to your needs with individual box storage solutions for a few days as for a longer duration.

Secure individual BOX rental without commitment.


When you create an e-commerce site, the same questions arise as for a classic distribution: where to store packages? How to manage shipments, receptions? Where to find secure, clean storage space at the right size and price?
Pole Box meets your needs for modularity, space and accessibility with a cost-effective, turnkey solution for storing your inventory and merchandise.

Rental of individual BOX from 30 € / month.


It is never easy to find the perfect location in terms of size and rental time. Pole Box, offers tailor-made solutions with individual boxes, secure, accessible at any time, a contract of simple provision, and professional services offered (receipt / shipment of goods, waste management, cartons, pallets ... ).

Individual BOX rental available 7 days a week.


No way to pay for a surface that you will not totally occupy! Depending on your storage needs you choose the storage space you need and Pole Box will offer its tailor-made individual box solution.
Our solutions of equipped and secured workspaces, adapt to your problems of development, by offering you:

  • A professional quality framework
  • A shared or dedicated space that evolves with your needs
  • Total care (reception, mail ...)
  • Real costs shared and controlled
  • Modular and secure spaces

Let us know your needs and constraints, we will bring you a customized solution!

Our advisors are at your disposal

Grand compte

Pole Box is part of the National Box group, giving you the opportunity to rent a box anywhere in France, with all the benefits of a large accounts customer processing.

  • Classification of centers
    All members are signatories of our quality charter. All our centers are classified according to the services offered. A national coordinator ensures compliance with the commitments made. A management committee ensures steering and development.
  • Flexibility
    It's when you want, where you want. Bigger or smaller, you decide. No commitment of duration and no lease.
  • Simplicity administrative
    You sign a contract, you pay your royalties at the price indicated, no supplement, no property tax, no electricity ... everything is included.

Rental of individual BOX from 1 to 500 m2, everywhere in France.


With or without rental of storage or work space, you can domicile your business at Pole Box. Approved by the prefecture, our domiciliation of postal and / or tax companies will perfectly meet your cost limitations.

Mail forwarding option.

Gallerist, opening, showroom

Many places are rented for a vernissage or a private exhibition. Old converted or loft converted factories, art galleries, varnishing or showrooms are often out of the ordinary. Why not try our Pole Box space? Reception, parking, logistics, everything makes it easy to receive your clients or visitors in a friendly way.

In addition, your works and products are monitored and secured, 24/7.

Rental of custom space.

Meeting, training, conference room

With Pole Box, your meetings are no longer a problem! Our spaces are modular, professional and confidential, accompanied by services, equipped with the latest technologies ...

An ideal solution for:

  • Interviews
  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • Formations
  • Seminars
  • Product presentations
  • Job interviews
  • Competitions and exams
  • Board of Directors

Location d’espaces à la demi-journée / journée / semaine.

Private offices equipped, dedicated

This solution is perfect for:

  • A company that wants to open an office in Rhône-Alpes
  • A start-up that focuses on reducing overhead costs
  • A company that wants to outsource its real estate
  • A project team looking for a workspace for a limited time
  • An independent who wants to focus on his "core business"

Office rental without commitment.


-40% à vie sur la location de votre BOX

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