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Do you need a furniture storage?

Opt for the rental of an individual storage box, secure, accessible for free 7 days a week and without commitment.
Our storage solutions, adapt to your needs.

Secure and private storage box

- Our premises are fully under video surveillance 24/24, and equipped with alarm.
- A guardian watches over the center

Accessible box 7 days a week

With your badge, access your box whenever you want.

Box from € 1 / day

- No commitment of duration
- Modular contract
- Billing by the day

Additional services

- Conseils personnalisés
- Aides et services au déménagement

Our storage solutions in single boxes or mini secure warehouses from 1 to 500 m², adapt to all your needs

You move ?
With Pole Box, no stress, no rush! You have to leave your current home but have not yet found something to relocate? Your new home can not accommodate all your furniture? Unexpected work is needed before your installation? Do not panic, Pole Box will take care of you and especially your business! Organize yourself quietly, Pole Box takes care of everything!

Individual BOX rental from 1 to 100 m².

Do you plan work?
You want to refresh the living room but do not know where to put the furniture of the room that will accommodate sofas and armchairs during the work? You welcome a child and thought to move before his arrival. Couffin and changing table will replace desk and library. But where to put all this? No question of sacrificing your living space, to rush the end of the work or the change of housing! With Pole Box, go for a reasonable solution. Let us take care of your business, the time to find the most comfortable solution for you!

Individual BOX rental available 7 days a week.

Do you lack of space?

You have just inherited your grand aunt's house, which must be quickly put up for sale. What about furniture and trinkets that your wife does not want to see at home? Your son goes to Australia for 18 months and you would like to use his room to put your sewing workshop there. Obviously, you want to keep his things intact for his return but where to put them in the meantime? No diplomatic incident! Pole Box will help you to save your environment and pamper your property.

Rental of individual BOX from 1 € / day.

You separate
You can no longer live together and want to leave the marital home as soon as possible. Your best friend is hosting you, but not your furniture! You have to relocate in the rental studio, the time to find a property for purchase and can not put all your stuff. No needless arguments, Pole Box offers you a solution to better live this transition.

Rental of individual BOX from 30 € / month.

Are you study abroad?

It was the perfect opportunity, impossible to refuse! But here, China, it is not the door next door and not sure to need all this furniture, nor to want to definitely separate you! That's it, your son has decided: he's going to do a six-month internship in Singapore! It is known: the trips form the youth! Be serene, Pole Box will offer you a suitable solution!

Secure individual BOX rental.

You have to sell a home?

Do you sell your home? You just inherited from your parents' house? ... What to do with furniture that is important to you? No question of sacrificing your living space, to rush the end of the work or the change of housing! With Pole Box, go for a reasonable solution. Let us take care of your business, the time to find the most comfortable solution for you! Organize yourself quietly, Pole Box takes care of everything!

Secure individual BOX rental.

Seasonal storage
Rent a box for the summer. Rent a box for the winter.

Spring is coming and you can not find a place to store your winter stuff? No stress, Pole Box is there for you to find a room in addition seine and secure accessible 7/7

Winter is here ? Looking for a place away from cold, humidity and dust? Renting a storage box at Pole Box is the most practical and accessible solution!

Rental of individual BOX from 30 € / month.

Wine storage
Le vin est un bien précieux. Nous avons conscience de l’importance de votre vin et disposons de toutes les infrastructures permettant d’assurer sa sécurité : vidéosurveillance, protection incendie, alarme vol…  Bref, vous pouvez dormir l’esprit tranquille : chez Pole Box, vos grands crus sont en sécurité !

Et bien sûr, vous pouvez venir retirer votre vin quand vous le souhaitez ! Nos box sont accessibles 7j/7

Par ailleurs, les conditions de conservation sont, elles aussi, optimales. Votre vin vieillira dans de bonnes conditions, à l’abri des chocs et de la lumière. La température de nos box est constante, ainsi le vin ne sera pas soumis à d’importantes variations de température. Rien de pire que les chocs thermiques pour dégrader la qualité du vin !

Secure individual BOX rental.

Additional services

Pole Box offers a formula "serenity" (my-box) all inclusive and very economical including utility vehicle with a driver and a mobile box. No bad surprises with extra fees: insurance, mileage override, supplement "young driver", deposit ...
At Pole Box, quality and service are a starting bet.

Treat yourself to the luxury of a chauffeur at your service and benefit from:

  • of time : he will pick up and bring back the vehicle for you
  • of serenity : if the driver makes a scratch on the car, you keep your deposit no matter what!
  • ofsaving : Our offer includes fuel, insurance and mileage
  • of advice : driver guide you in choosing the equipment to charge the vehicle to prevent damage.

Like any change, a move generates a lot of stress. As much to limit this anxiety by calling on a professional who will take care of the organization from A to Z. Whether you want to move alone or accompanied by a provider, a specialist Pole Box is reachable, to make you a personalized and informed study. At your service, your Pole Box advisor will direct you to the best solution for your needs and your budget. A search for service providers, your Pole Box consultant will do a study to find the appropriate service provider for your relocation project. A quote study, taking into account your economic constraints, your Pole Box consultant will find the most comfortable solution for you.

By becoming a "Pole Box Customer" you benefit from various discounts with service providers with whom we have already negotiated for you!

You want to unclutter your basement your attic or your garage, sorting archives ... No need for management, moving or tedious sorting. We sort, pack, empty and evacuate anything you do not want to keep. And all the bulky things are recycled in an approach of respect of the environment, the worthless furniture and the clothes are given to associations. The respect of the places, the common parts and the neighborhood being particularly close to our heart, we systematically clean the places after our intervention.

Find everything you need to prepare your move and storage at the best price: Covers, covers, boxes moving, storage, bubble papers, adhesives, protection kits ...

To facilitate the handling and avoid the maximum breakage during the unloading of the vehicle, we put at your disposal professional equipment: straps, devils, trolleys ...